In a realm called Earth, lying alone,
Has Truth made himself a throne
Amid the rise and fall of the nation,
Where lies the children of creation.

Many years of anguish has pass us by,
In this deep wilderness we call life
And path to love and peace have we tread
That our life may be free of bloodshed.

What does the rich and strong has to gain,
From the poor and weak strife and pain?
Must we seek guidance from the bones,
Of the world's unsung villains and heroes?

In each mortal's ebony eye,
Lies honor that will tempt the vile,
For no man born on this lone world,
Is destined to be dark and cold.

The hours are breathing so shallow and low
To give the black and fair a chance to glow.
And when the chains of darkness fall apart,
Can we crush the guilt and fear in our heart?

The wave of doom looms over all,
Devouring everything with its sudden fall
And when death chimes its clarion call,
Shall we meet in heaven's pristine hall?

©Okunola Peace