You are the spring that brings mirth to life.
O' Ruby, in the sight of men of might,
You have the grace of all angels in heaven,
For you are the flower that brings joy to the haven.

Rise O' Ruby , like the sun of the day
That comes with good tidings on glowing hay.
O' stay with me and choose for me,
For the night is gone and dawn can now see.

Your chest shall be the crib that comfort me,
Garnished with fragrance that brings peace.
O' I shall worship you on earth and heaven,
Aye! I shall adore your eyes, dark as a raven.

O' come to me, like the light of a new moon
That paint the pastures, in the month of June.
O' set on me, like the bright sun of April
That melts upon the beautiful daffodils.

The warriors dine under the trees of green
On kola-nuts and palm-wine, in time of victory.
O' be the sweet fruits from the orchard
Whose substance makes my belly big and hard.

I shall be your hero, to stand by you forever,
As we travel to beautiful land, to caper
On fertile ground, where as the highness
I shall adore your body in a lovely dress.

Your beauty is more than what words can describe,
Your beauty goes beyond the fiction of my mind,
Your beauty increase more than what man can measure,
O' Ruby, you are mankind greatest treasure.

You are like grapes that constantly ripens,
Your beauty grows no matter what happens,
Your shine so bright and cast your shadow,
As a beauty others would like to borrow.

© Okunola Peace.