When the smiling seasons of nature rest,
My mild love shall saunter beyond the crest.
And when dawn succumbs to the songs of slumber,
Then will our tender bond grow stronger.

Your fair skin is fairer than the sun glow,
And your teeth are whiter than winter's snow.
Shall I compare your eyes to that of a queen?
Blue corals, of mild gaze, so kind and deep.

Sweet lips, sweeter than fruits of a blooming field,
With heart as pure as a flowing fountain.
Milder than the mist on a moving mountain,
Where the sky is blue and the forest is green.

Listen to me, Queen of the all goddess,
Hark to my shrill-rhythms, O' fair highness,
For my passion of love needs to be set free,
As the rivulet in my veins crave for thee.

You gleam more than the rays of the sun,
And in your palms shall I rest, like a new son.
And your cradle shall be my peaceful trench.
O' stay with me when days goes by, my wench.

O'er hills, shall I sing you a fairy song,
Of a soft-toneful rhythm, all day long.
I will praise your name, in fair and dark worlds,
In the midst of the paupers and the lords.

Let us travel on the saddle of stars,
To lands, beautiful than the world of Mars.
Hug me, like happy lovers in a tree shade,
Where lamps of the moon ornates the glade.

Fairer wench, this is a love lullaby,
Crafted from my manly muse and will.
O wrinkle not, the beauty on your shoulder,
That glitters more than what man can smother.

©Okunola Peace