Sleep o sleep and wake anew
In the comfort of your lover's embrace.
O Cara of flaming red hair
That frames your lovely face,
And makes it glow an angelic hue,
Bringing out the beauty ; mild and fair.

When I am by your side
And I look into your ebony eyes,
I see a rare treasure
That no man can measure
On earth, vast and wide
And in heaven, pure and high.

Leave me not O Cara mild
In this youthful days of mine,
For in your presence, I found peace,
Love and happiness unseen
That makes me gladly smile
Like a sweet and innocent child.

Let me see you dance
In that lovely dress of yours
That lures all princely race.
Let me hear you sing
With that sweet voice of yours
That lull my core and lustful need.

You are the beam of ray
That brightens my cloudy day
When my hope is lost
And the fire that burns within,
Is gone like a winter's ghost
That drifts away with the wind.

©Okunola Peace.