Custodian! Who feed upon human flesh,
Who reviles the angel and their golden leash.
Grant me silent speech with the immortal spirit
Whose echoes dwells in the In-between.

Malekith! Sitted upon the throne of hell,
Rise with your cruelty and mystic spell.
To destroy the powers of heaven
That trapped you beneath the feet of men.

If these lips of mine that compels you from sleep
Have been tainted with hideous lies and deceit,
If I have cut open the breast of new mothers
And washed them clean with hairs from dark waters.

If I have offered the blood of suckling babies
To sate your dark and infernal thirst
As their mothers' tears calm your heart,
Then, accept my sacrifice and grant my need.

Ancient one, are you listening to me?
Will you not rise and use your cursed whips,
Studded with sharp hooks and pointed teeth
To bleed and destroy your enemies?

Shall I conjure your true names from Nile
And call you forth into dreadful light?
Shall I follow the path of destructions I found
Over Graves and immortal burial grounds?.


Hear us now! While we call,
O! Darkness born, father of the night
As the blood of innocents softly fall
Upon the soil; the essence of all life.

Lo! The eggs are frozen, cracking apart
Amid the ruins of your fiery hearth.
Show your face O spawn of hell
Before the echoes of death dispel.

We maim ourselves in your image,
Unseen one, the hand behind all rage.
The bringer of fury and wrath,
Leaving chaos and destruction in his path.

We shall pluck-out our two eyes
That we may see the beauty of the night
As we gather, with our ears deaf to the world
Full of light and pleasing words.

We shall sing dark hymns in your name
With tongue that utters lies and deceit,
Spreading your greatness and fame
Till you appear gloriously in our midst.

Rise from tartarus, hidden from mortal's view
When your demonic names are invoked.
Fill the world with the defilement you welcomed
That makes your own loving mother deny you.

© Okunola Peace.