Art, poems and prose.

This is a true life story...

There was once a man in a town in Nigeria. He was poor and from a poor background. He has a lovely wife and two children. They were happy, living on the profit he earned from using his faulty car to transport people and goods from one place to another. 

His car was faulty, it sounds like a man choking on his own fluid. The sound it gives alert the people of the community of his impending passing, they can hear the sound his car is making from miles away. 

He lived a simple life and doesn't care about the gossip of the town about his family and the means of making money. 

He was unfortunate one day, in an isolated area, far away from home. He took a private passenger to his site in a tropical region in Nigeria, he helped him to transport few of his properties for a large sum of money. 
This man was surprised by the amount the passenger offered him, but, thought he was been favored by a generous passenger, not knowing that many drivers has been offered the same amount by this mysterious passenger, but refused, because of the high crime rate in the area. 

He delivered the passenger and his goods to the agreed end point. He was on his way back home, whistling with a happy heart for the blessing that came his way. 

He was stopped on his way home, where he was beaten mercilessly by some hooded assailants. He felt pain and then he knew nothing. 

The next time, he woke up was in the hospital, with the fearful face of his wife gazing down at him and his two children, hovering behind her. This brought joy, until the memories of his attack came back, rushing back towards him before he could stop them. 

He became full of sadness, wondering where he is going to start from, his means of feeding his family is gone and all the money he had was in the car the assailants stole. He wept then, for the first time in his matured age, wondering what his story will now be. 

And in this same town, there was rich man that has his mansion close to the road. He was rich, his wealth was like the water that flows from the stream into the ocean. He was a respected man in town for his handwork and generosity. 

He has fleet of cars in different sizes and shapes.

One day he noticed that the faulty car that usually wakes him up has stopped passing by. He was troubled, because the sound of the car wakes him up early to be able to meet up with appointments and gave him a chance to get to work early. 

He decided to be patient and so, after a week of no reappearance of the faulty car, he decided to ask around. 

It was a beautiful morning, the chickens were roaming about in their numbers, the goats and the sheeps were eating bushes beside the road and everything was as it should be, except for the absence of the faulty car and its occupant. 

He drove into town in a humble ride of his own. He decided to visit the restaurant where hardworking men comes to eat and fill their hungry belly before going to work. 
When he entered, he was welcomed happily, because he was a generous giver. He announced to the occupants of the restaurant to eat to their fill, for he would pay the bill for it all. 

This brought about cheers and everyone wanted to please him, which brought about loose lips. 
The rich man started to ask about the car that signals its arrival with a loud and hacking sound, it was from the throat of happy customers that he learnt about the theft and joblessness of the man that owns the faulty car. 

The rich man was surprised by their nonchalant reactions, he hid it well, but he was deeply troubled. 

So, he decided to seek out the man. He asked around and the poor man was not hard to find because his story is the latest news circulating in the town. 

He drove into the man's little compound and was dismayed by what he saw. "Is this the life a man who saves me from missing appointments living?, Who taught me the habit of waking up early with the throat-hacking sound his car makes when passing by?, Who made me a leader who leads by example by my early appearance at work. - The rich man contemplated within himself. 

When the poor man came out and attended to him. The rich man told the man how he had helped him in the past and after this, the rich man gave the man that once had a faulty car, the key of a brand new car and bade him farewell, telling him to continue in his honorable ways.

The lesson I'm trying to bring out is that, the faulty and junky things you think are irrelevant are those things that might be an instrument of change in another person's life. 
Be judicious with what you have, take nothing for granted because it might be your key into greatness. 

Continue in your good ways, don't let the crowd deter you from your good ways and the heavenly lord will surely bless you. 

In God's love, 
©Okunola Peace.