Art, poems and prose.

"Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an irreversible succession from the past, through the present, to the future"

There are some things in life that one has no choice but to be dependent on. One of those things that the world depends upon is Time. Time, like its maker is omnipresent. It exist in the past, present and future. The works of our hands has an impact on the world, which depend on time. 

Time is infinite and independent, it does not wait for approval, it continues its immortal cycle. Time is so powerful that without it, the whole world will go into disarray. Time is a tool of change that is powerful than any forces mankind can create. 

What can you do without time? Ask yourself this question. The answer is simple 'Nothing'. Purpose, determination and goal all depends on time. The moment you're are not conscious of time, you became a rare strand in fate, that has only one purpose and that is to exist. 

Students in various level of education are tested, to know the level of their knowledge based on time. Both Government and Private companies decides to promote their workers based on their experience, which depends on time. 

We measure our life by the time we have spent on earth. Every 365 days, 95% of the world population celebrate the day they were born. We are ambitious, no matter how shy we behave or act and our ambitions are based on how some of these factors will work out for us. These factors depends on time, mind you. 

The moment we are born, the moment we live and the moment we die all depends on Time. 

We grow with time, we attend high schools or learn a trade with time. We graduate with time and we work with time. We get married or stay celibate with time. We give birth to offspring with time and after we have enjoyed life, death comes in time. 
And lo, the cycles of time continues with all creatures of life. 

We give our life meaning based on time. Our age depends on time. No matter how rich you are. If you do not plan with time, by the time the plan comes to fruition, it will have lost most of its allure. 

Plan your time well, it is the only thing that can give  you an headstart in this perilous world. 

In God's love, 
©Okunola Peace.