Art, poems and prose.

"The absence of all knowledge, emotions and feelings"

Slumber is a wonderful moment in the life of every individual.

It's the moment when the desires of man has no power. 
At this point in the life of a man, he is oblivious to his surroundings. 
At this moment, the body shuts down, to rest various part of its system, which is a very important factor in the anatomy and engineering of every creature that draws breath. The body hibernates to give its various part the time needed to recover to its full strength. 

The world is full of scars, strive, pain, disappointment, worry and disaster, and we are / have been victims of some of these things. We find peace in Slumber that takes us to a place that is free from the world's politics and after Slumber, peace is found. 

Sometimes, when I am contemplating and my thought comes to stop at slumber, I'm always marveled. Because, the creator of the world is marvelous in his creation and an excellent builder. 
The continual working of the body depends on giving the body time to recuperate. 

There's no brilliance in the deprivation of the body's systems of priceless Slumber. 

I pray we learn to obey the law of the body, it's very paramount. 

In God's love, 
©Okunola Peace.