Art, poems and prose.

I can hear the song of mankind, 
And their melodies above the meadow
As the cool breeze of the night
Descends on my form and shadow. 

My soul has awaken at this time 
As the light  seeps out of the deep
And the dark strains with all his might
To keep the door of the veil sealed. 

O song of life, O song of the moment, 
Let me see you at the peak of the light. 
O Joy of delight and fulfillment, 
Let me see you in the  bowl of daylight. 

O gracious power; merciful and mild,
Let the purity of my dreams
Take away the pain of my mortal strive
In this land of thorn and roses. 

I can hear the song of my immortal spirit,
And the freedom my soul seeks. 
Let the purity of my mortal ways
Help me in the coming days. 

©Okunola Peace.