Art, poems and prose.

I was startled awake from slumber. It was midnight and the environment was quiet and still, there was no sound to hear or the hubbub of mankind's activities. 
I didn't know what was going on around me, all I could hear was noise, high and shrill. I look around and the realization came to me that I was alone in the room. 
The noise was coming from the other side of the house, so, I crept stealthily to the door to investigate the source of the noise. 

It all started fourteen hours before the incident, I decided to visit some friends in their neighborhood. They were three of them living in the same compound. 

The first one is a very attractive young man, he is fair and has a toned body like that of a sportsman. He likes listening to variety of songs and a business man. The second guy is also fair-skinned. He has a lovely voice that can draw the attention of everyone nearby when he is singing. He is a simple guy and jovial with everyone. The third guy among them is robust and sharp mouthed, he always sees something reasonable to bring out in a matter, no matter how insubstantial it is. He loves doing the work of the Lord. 

We all joked and teased each other, bringing a smile to our faces. 
We all got home, bathed and put on fresh clothes. We all ate the fast foods we got on the way to the house. 
I was directed to my own quarters to sleep till the glorious rise of another beautiful day.
I woke up in the middle of the night to the shrill cry of an ailing woman. I heard some muffled voices saying that she has already fainted thrice and I decided to peak out and see what is going on, but I didn’t move close to them, because I was a new face in the compound and didn’t want any confrontation in the middle of the night.
The next day, I realized something: A perfect health is a benefit a lot of us don’t know the value of.
Being healthy is a grace God has given us. We woke up every morning, feeling refreshed and ready to confront the next day in all his glory. We do not know the cost of health deficiency and I pray we will never know.
Have a nice day and with a grateful heart, always thank God for his grace upon your life.

In God’s Love.
© Okunola Peace.