Art, poems and prose.

The air that rises from the west
Has met at the peak of the east,
And I am the creature that is tested
Between the grip of their contest.

I am falling to the bare earth,
And there is no way to stop my fall.
Then from nowhere, I heard the east's breath.
That came from afar, to answer my call.

There is little choice for me,
And all the path I see is filled,
With hard rocks and granite
That wants to test my fragile might.

I look to the dark and brooding west,
And saw only worry, headaches and strife.
I look to the humble and merciful east,
And saw the beauty and joy of life.

I have seen life in his wolf's skin,
And the tale of men fails to describe,
The brutality and gentleness that made him
A two-sided creature to mankind.

I am rising high away from the death,
And pain the hot ground will bring,
For I have heard the word of truth
From the messenger of the East wind.

O Lord, come and be my strength,
For the fortitude of this world's power
Is mighty, stronger than the strength,
My arms and two legs can muster.

©Okunola Peace