“Questions defines and surrounds our ways”

In the world we live in, we are countless and innumerable, no matter what Census says about the world’s population and in the world Earth, where we have found ourselves, there is different people with different likes, dislikes, principles, hobbies and insecurities.

Nobody likes confrontation or being questioned. We are all human beings that values ourselves and our way of life. We individually do not like to be questioned about how we live, nor why we do what we do.

When a friend questions you, he shows a lack of faith or trust in your ways, abilities and efficiency. Sometimes, this leads to feeling betrayed, based on the situation or circumstances in which this confrontation takes place. Being confronted by your friend in a public place will always feel like being betrayed, no matter how patient or simple you are by nature.

It is a human nature to dislike being questioned. I have been on the receiving end of confrontations and I know how I felt at that moment. What I have realized when I am being confronted is that, when you are confronted, you feel the need to defend yourself and hide your insecurities. You will always feel accused and insecure when someone questions your decision on a matter.
This sometimes leads to argument and disagreement that will turn violent, if patience is not exercised.

It might be a little matter, that has little value, but the lack of belief and trust in the person is greater than the value of the matter.

And I have come to understand in my research, that the only person that does not mind being questioned is God. He receives our question and accept whatever we throw at him graciously, and uses these questions to show us his love for us.

Anybody that is lover of the Book of Psalms in the Bible will know that God ways was continually questioned, but he used these questioned to show us more of his love, joy and happiness unseen.

And I pray that the lord God will show us more of his truth, way and light in Jesus name.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.