“A feeling of understanding and ease of communication between two or more people”

Hi friends, the month is coming to an end. I hope you have had a wonderful journey.

What are the connection you have made in life? What are your reasons for connecting? What have been your gain and loss? What are the benefits of those connections to your day-to-day activities? These are important questions we are supposed to ask ourselves.

Connection is a factor that makes life easier on the earth. It is the bedrock of earth’s sustenance and mechanism.

We cannot hope to live long on earth without a connection to keep us afoot and connected. The world is progressing, day by day.

Once upon a time, when you will have been given a job based on your criteria, when you will have be given a post based on your talents and efficiency, when you will have be given a task based on your determination, integrity and honesty, but that was once upon a time. It rarely happen anymore, the world now revolves around the currency called Connection.

Once upon a time, your strength and courage might be enough to move mountains and make an impact in the world, but not again, you need to be connected to an helper that will help your passion and dreams to bloom like an evergreen tree in the season of spring.

Once upon a time, the strength in your arms and legs might be enough to go far in the world, but not anymore, the world is now a different place. We need a helper to buttress our life that we may cross boundary in this perilous world.

Once upon a time, the life we live might be enough to live long and healthy in this world, but not anymore.

We need to be connected to our maker for he is the only one capable of helping our cause, who sees our heart, knows what our heart truly desires and is ready to help us.

May the lord help us to be connected to him.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.