The world is not a land where everything is sweet and rosy. 

 The nature of men is not tuned to the good and pleasant side alone. The world is a two-sided coin that will not function unless the two side works together in tandem.

When your life is not smooth and everything seems to be working against you, have hope. When the economy does not favor your financial status, be hopeful, when your life does not seem to be on a progressing path, do not give up and when the sky grows murky, and the sun refuses to give its light, please, stay on course.

The world is built in such a way that every mortal being is not free from the path of trials. It is a stage we must all pass through, and that does not mean your maker is cruel or unmerciful, but he is preparing you for your next great step in life.

We all try our very best to live life, mind our own business and try not to step on others’ toes, but sometimes it is not that simple.

There are times that there will be a mutual disagreement in a relationship, when it will be like the bad luck of the whole world is on your fragile shoulder, but, I am telling you today, not to give up for there is a rising light about to shine and brighten the glory of your life.
We must find understanding when our ego, pride, and sense of rightness says otherwise.

The lord can see the tears that runs down your face in your corner, yeah! The lord can hear your heavy sigh and exhales, as well as the thoughts that runs through your brilliant minds.

So, do not give up, strive, thrive, be determined and your patience and handwork will be duly rewarded.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.