I stared at her pointedly, wondering about the peace that radiates out of her pores. I was carried away, I didn’t know what to think and I decided to ask.

She is a close friend of mine, whose divine smile could light up cooling embers and give it warmth.
We met on a sunny day, the weather was cool and the breeze that blew that day was full of light and mirth. I can’t remember who started the conversation, or what got us talking to each other, but from that moment henceforth, we gradually became close, we share our ambitions, our tales and stories, as well as our pain, mistakes and regrets. It was calming and felt right to unburden onto one another and we both continue to learn from each other till this present moment.

So, noticing my gaze upon her, she faced me with a knowing smile and an infectious grin and I couldn’t help but grin back. So, she looked at me and asked me,” Peace, what is the question that hangs on that lips of yours, ready to fall?” I guess she knows me so well, the nerd who always has something to think about.

“How do you do it all day? The smile that never seems to have an expiry date?” she laughed, high and soft at the same time, like the soft cooing of a songbird. She suddenly grew serious, looking at me with a serious face and replying with a statement that I believe explains it all, she said that “All that glitters is not gold, and that the allure that does not fade is that which comes from within”

She continued, explaining, that she found that her health, happiness and joy comes from finding something in life that she is always thankful for and that brings her joy. She said it is not the food she eats or the clothes that she wears that brings out the joy in her, but that which comes from within.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. Don’t let the mistakes you have made define your life, don’t let anyone hold your mistakes over you and don’t let your present situation wipe off that divine smile from your face.

And the heavenly father will definitely help you to shine bright, brighter than what you could have hoped for.

In God’s love,
© Okunola Peace.