I can hear your lovely and sweet voice
Above the babbles of all other voices,
For you are a flower of many layers and skin,
Sharing her fragrance for the world to see.

I love to sit by your balmy side
As our shadows entwine, beneath the blue sky,
For your presence makes my breath hitch,
And the red-some blood in my veins quicken.

You are a wild flower that always bloom
At the peak of the sun and moon.
How beautiful and mild you are, my love
Than the white doves that fly above.

I would look at the sky,
And plead to the angels above
That they may be gracious and divine,
In the journey of our song of love.

You are the winter of the season
That cools the ember of my worries.
Come to me O! Come to me,
That our song may be heard in the fields.

© Okunola Peace.