Nigeria is my home and mine to defend and build. Nigeria has been ridiculed in the local community and overseas. It is seen as a country full of filth and corruption. I don’t blame anybody for their opinions about the country Nigeria, but this reveals to us that there is a problem plaguing the country, so the question is, how do we solve it?

The veils laid upon our mirrors must be removed and the masks placed on our faces must be broken today.

When leaders lead, they are supposed to lead by example. When leaders are in the position of power, they are there to notice and fix the problems that their followers face, but I found these to be absent in the leaders that controls the nation Nigeria.
The people of a country are meant to learn from their leaders’ ways and the virtues that is their second skin and so, I’m not usually surprised when Nigerians associate themselves with bad things.
What has been your expectations? A better people? A better community? I guess so, but it is not that easy.
 The leaders of the community steals in zillions, stealing the money that belong to the hard working workers of the country, believing it is their rights as the leaders of the country.
We are leaving in a country where yahoo boys are living a better life than BSc, PHD and Doctorate holders and you have not seen it yet? That the country is in a fragile state, a country on the verge of crumbling bit by bit.

Presently, Nigeria is a community where every prospective graduate has the fear of joblessness in their heart. I feel pained writing this, because, after spending four to five rigorous years in the university, you might graduate to find yourself jobless and you think there will be no case of suicide or dabbling in evil and dangerous acts by individuals that has lost hope or does not have any privileges.

We are leaving in a country where the rights of the citizen has no concrete value and you think we have leaders? Pheww! I spit at their feet. I see no right leaders in a position of powers, all they do is recycle, re-brand and re-wrap cruelty in a different attire. Look close, use your inner eyes, use your sixth sense and you will see the truth they try to hide from us.

I have come to realize that the leaders of the country intentionally does not want students to have a standard education, so that they might remain in the claws of ignorance.
Tertiary institutions’ managements accept students more than the numbers they can accommodate because of the money they are going to gain and you have not seen the cruelty in our leaders yet yet? I shake my head!

Why do you think our leaders send their children overseas for their educations? Why do they travel overseas to receive medical attention? Because they know that their poor investments in the country and their greed for opulence has prevented the growth of the country. 

We carry out jungle justice for those that steals food or materials that its price will not feed us for a week and your leaders are there parading their corpulent self on the media and you still applaud them, liking and following them on their various channels and pages, when our anger should be directed to them like heat of the sun on a spot on earth, where there is no cover for them to hide.
Let us rise and be the desert that suck their patience and ego dry, let us rise and make their lips crack and their faces bleed from. 

Let us realize our mistakes and become the mighty hammer that reshapes Nigeria.
If we don’t do it, who will reshape the country for us? The British reshaped Britain, the Americans reshaped America, the romans reshaped Rome and you think our idle position will bring about any change? No, it won’t, that is the truth.
I pray our voices are heard.

©Okunola Peace.