O! God of heaven and earth,
Peer down and search our heart,
For our noble and just leaders lie
As the echoes of distrust divide,
And the fear of tomorrow entomb us
In the throes of pain, guilt and loss.
Lo! We have heard your clarion call
That gives us strength when we fall.
So, take not our beauty, pride or smile,
That gives us the hope not to drift and die.

O power that raises the wind from the west
And commands the stars to rise from the east,
Bringing forth food from land that yields nothing
That men may eat and submit to your will.

On this day, give me the food of life,
Give the sweet water of life,
Give me prosperity hung from a nail
Before my great plans and dreams fail.

Water my infant seeds in the fields,
And the young fruits in my garden green,
For only you have the power to give life
And wipe away the foul taste of decline.

Bless us with your divine words of wisdom,
To quench our somber thoughts of doom
That plagues us with darkness and chaos,
And blinds us from the beauty around us.

The life we have lived cannot be reclaimed,
Nor can the clock of time be reversed,
But henceforth, bless us, O merciful and kind,
That we may know happiness and peace of mind.

©Okunola Peace.