Night is here, the day is gray,
The sun is gone, the moon is here to stay.
Aye! Daylight is blind and the stars can see,
Sleep o' sleep into slumber's bliss.

Your eyes need rest, your limbs are weak,
Your face is pale, your palms are frantic.
Sleep o' sleep, in the absence of light,
The sky must not wail, the breeze must not die.

The moon is smiling, the portals are open,
The stars are gleaming, lo' great-tidings from heaven.
Sleep o' sleep, the angels are here,
Be bless o' be bless, for it is rare.

The cradle is warm, the season is cold.
My coos are mellow, my tales are old.
The night await no one, for day is near,
Sleep o' sleep, my pear, my dear.

The castle of slumber await your arrival,
The space is pleasant, the wind is genial.

©Okunola Peace