Seeker of faith! The fore-bearers and seers
Of great vision and the builders and breakers
Of world, listen to the tale of a man of light
Born beneath the gaze of the starry night.

The moon is my witness and so are the starlight;
Blue and magnificent in the silence of the sky,
For her face was the first and most beautiful sight
He ever saw in the beginning of his peaceful life.

He is a bringer of good and blessed tidings.
Aye! When the cock crows on the dawn of a new day,
His name is like a blessed and compelling ray
Of sun, that brings hope on a bleak morning.

His fame spread like wildfire that never decrease,
And now, while he still lives and draws breath sweet,
I will drink wine to his name and write an epic verse
About his life, full of tears, joy and an unending peace.

©Okunola Peace.