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“A man is not meant to be in a position, even the earth you dwell in does not stay in one place”

Revolution is the rotation of celestial bodies around another body. The earth, one of the planets that makes its home in space revolves continually in space. 

The earth, in all its magnanimous size, continues its continuous cycle, giving all creatures of mankind the benefits to enjoy nature without any obstacle. The earth rotates, and we get constant daylight for the activities of the day and constant darkness for nightly activities and slumber. Revolution is a constant change in the world.

The hours of the day differs from the night in every change of the season and in every region and continent because of the continual rotation of the earth. There is time differences in different countries and considering this in the cycle of the world, what meaning do we get from this?

 The world is moving, it is always moving and the inhabitants of the world. We do not feel the rotation of earth because of the force of gravity continually acting on us.

All human being are meant to revolve from one point of life to another. We are not meant to stay in a position for a person in a position for a long time will never grow and climb the next step of life.

There is supposed to be a sudden, vast change in every man’s situation, discipline, way of thinking and behaving. If there is no such change in the life of every man or woman, check yourself, something is wrong somewhere.

There is revolution in the growth of every mortal being, there is revolution in the government of a country and that is the reason we vote to elect a new leader every four years.

 There is revolution in the economy, in science and engineering, in food science and technology, electronics and every other aspect of life evolve in time.
We must find our path and purpose in life and make an impact through it.

The truth that is not known generally is that there is an iota of chance to make a great change and impact in the whole world, no matter your starting point.

In Gods’s love,
© Okunola Peace