Most beloved of all men, sleep and slumber
In the arms of the Lord, your maker.
You left us after many priceless years,
And we mourn your absence with our sweet tears.

Your mesmerizing light has faded,
And we mourn you with our breaths bated
While the echoes of your presence remains,
And the loss of your passing leaves its pain.

We shall sing to you with our lofty voices,
And pray it travels to the heavenly realm
Where you have found comfort and peace
As we pour sands with our callous palms.

You have come to the end of your road,
Leaving us alone with your heavy load.
We shed salty tears that you are gone,
And pray that pain and death leaves us alone.

We shall all stand by your grave and weep
While the sun glow and the birds call.
But in the end, while the wind blows and falls,
We shall leave you to your peaceful sleep.

©Okunola Peace.