When you are eating your best meal, there is a feeling of serenity that fills your heart and every pores. You feel satisfied and see an evident reason in being alive. You feel like sitting there, without any care in the world.

 That is the feeling we should always get at the setting of each day. Living each day to its fullness does not come by itself. The first thing you need to learn is to do is be yourself. 

I have come to realize that being yourself will free you of some burdens that weigh upon your soul. Being yourself will help you understand yourself the more and help you see your path in life.

 Some few hours ago, I was on my way home, the night was alight with the steady light of the moon. The traffic lights was in full blare-mode and the footpath was clear and easy to walk. I had this feeling of satisfaction, because in everything that happened in the day, the Holy Spirit helped me to put all my activities and cares in his capable hands and I just felt a peace within and outward and I just couldn’t stop smiling.

 You enjoy every moment of a day when you live it continually with God.

 Start doing that today and the lord will continue to bless your communion with him.

 In God’s love,
 ©Okunola Peace.