“I am human, I am dependent”

The creator in his infinite mercy was a master craftsman. He mold us from the smallest speck of innumerable sands, breathe life into our lifeless husk and so was the first man born. The creator realizes in the early days of man’s first birth that he created us to be dependent.

When I think about this aspect of life, it always makes me smile. No matter how we strive to be alone, to live in the cradle of independence, it is always impossible and the question is why?

We depends on others to survive because we were not wired to be able to perform all functions. We have our purpose and functions to fulfill in life.

It is reason that greatness in life cannot be achieved by one’s brilliance, strength, knowledge and skills alone.
We need each other to survive and prosper in the world. We need those that will raise us up from our lowly level and take us to a great height.

We need those that will correct us when we are going astray. We need those that will bring a smile to our saddened face when we are depressed or in a bad situation. We need those that will be a positive impact in our life. Who do you depend on? Who are those that surrounds you like a second skin?

The truth is we are dependent on others for one thing or another, not compulsorily material things and what we need to do is to be careful of those we depend upon, for they will be the fulcrum to support and direct our life positively or negatively.

I pray we make the right decisions in life.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.