“Man is a product of nature”

It is widely believed that tradition is a set of belief passed down from one generation to another. This is true and we will see the relation of man/woman to tradition.

It is tradition to greet an elderly person by either prostrating or kneeling with reference to both genders in Nigeria. In another country, it might not be so, but it is a norm that will yield respect and not contempt in Nigeria.

For Christians, it is a tradition to pray to our heavenly maker. It is tradition to dress in a certain code when indoor or outdoor.

It is tradition for a minister of God to dress corporately on some particular Sabbath days. It is tradition for some Muslim leaders to grow their beards in worship and reference to their maker, Allah.

It is a tradition to do circumcision for male and female private part because of the physical appearance and reproductive functions.

Nature or the environment that surrounds a person goes a long way in influencing what he/she will become.

Tradition goes a long way in building a person from his youthful age until he reaches the state of maturity, but it does not change the moral values of a man.

It is not right to follow some traditions blindly. Some traditions are a product of time and clime. In America, where they have four seasons, some of their traditions depend on their climate. It will be unwise for a female to wear a skirt during a winter season, she will just end up freezing up.
Tradition is a foundation that helps in life’s navigation. We need to be conversant of the nation trends and know what social world has evolved into.

The tradition of some family not eating a specific food or meat usually generate from a family’s leaders experience with that specific thing, for example a man that has stomach disturbance from eating fried eggs due to the nature of his body might decide it is dangerous to his health and the danger extends to his family, and thereby prohibits his family from taking it, and from that moment another tradition comes to live.

There are some traditions that surrounds us that impedes our progression in life.
Today, i want us to break some traditions and live our life to better glorify God, our maker and ourself.
May the lord help us today to make the right decisions.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.