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It is necessary to know the history of something before you take it on.

Sagging is the fashion and manner of wearing pants below the waist, to reveal one’s underwear. It is commonly practiced by the male gender of humanity.

Sagging started in the United States of America. It first started in the prison yard, where the use of belts was prohibited, because it was a means of harm, suicide and death among the prisoners.

A prisoner that has a thin waist and was given an oversize prison clothes will have no means of holding the pants up to waist level and lo, the fashion of sagging started.
Sagging was a fashion made known by the musicians and celebrities, because in the early popularity days of sagging, it is believed you are not a big boy if you have not been to prison and serve your punishment for some time and when they got released back into the system, they brought with them the fashion of sagging which is now emulated by youths in this modern era.

It is also believed that sagging is a blaring signal for the gays in the male prison that they are gays and are interested in hookups. So, if you are a man in the United States and you decided to sag your pants or shorts, there must be a reason for such.

The third situation that led to the rise in Sagging fashion was this:
 There is one common thing found in every part of the country years ago and is still a way of life in the United States and that is Single Parenting.

Single parenting falls mostly on the mother’s side and one source of income can only pay the bill with few leftover and so, when a mother buys a pant for his son and he grows past the pants length, he will have to draw the pants down to continue wearing the pants or the shorts and when this became a rampart thing in the states, it became a fashion.

So, before you take the up the fashion of sagging, I hope you now know what brought about its popularity.

Be wise.

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