This is something I have not experienced before and it is you that inspires me. The love that radiates from my very breath and pores speaks so much of you.

You make my heart quicken and find hope in this world where we have found ourselves.
I never knew how sweet and beautiful the world could be until I set my eyes on your fair face and virtuous beauty. The heavenly smile that fills your face at every moment makes me cherish you the more.

The white teeth that adorns your finely-shaped mouth is whiter than the furs of a winter's wolf that made their home upon the mountain peaks and the raven hair that adorns your head like an ornate crown, dancing in the wind when let loose is finer than the finest silk.
Many have asked me what makes me smile and forget my worries and without hesitation, I always say it is you. The light sent into my life from above.

Every beautiful memories we made together is forever stored in my heart, never to be forgotten. Every sweet and terrible moment you share with me makes me to know you the more and melt inside, strengthening our cord of love.

When we are together, sharing a special moment, I see the love in your eyes. When you think about the future, do you see us in it? I love you truly, with all the fibres of my being and I am sure you feel the same.

I want to be by your side and watch you eat small chops, rice and chicken and all other favorite goodies you love to feast upon.

I want to kiss those redsome lips of yours and give you a taste of the pleasures to come in the future. I want to leave a trail of affection across your being that will express my love for you more than what words can paint.

I will always want you by my side as I did when our love was new and still growing.

Fondly as Always,
Your Darling.
From Mr Enoch.

©Okunola Peace.