I am weary of war and bloodshed
Born of the cruel path we tread.

I am weary of the price we pay for peace
Sought only through fire and steel.

Why must we inflict pain on the weak
Until they reach the threshold of their limit?

Why have we given darkness dominion
To wholly hold us in his cruel grip?

Why must we continue to inflict pain
Until the glory of today is not seen again?

Why do we ignore the beauty that surround us,
But glory in destruction, death and chaos?

Why can we not walk the path of peace,
And let our divine light glow from within?

Why O' Why must the poor cry?
Why O' why must the old die?

Why must our mistake weigh on our soul,
And leave us looking sad and sorrowful?

Why must our quest make us lose sight
Of the path that will lead us aright?

Why do our wishes and desires
Not always bring smiles to our faces?

Why do we take solace in the decision we made,
Even though it is not the right one to make?

Why do we fail to see the light
That beckons to us with all its might?

Why do we let madness to awaken
To become what we have long forsaken?

©Okunola Peace.