”Family is not all about biology.”

This is a true story of an interesting boy.

The boy was named Henry. He was a very special boy.
He was born under the embrace of the moon. He was loved by his parent and so did he. He was a handsome boy with curly black hair and a smooth face, he has a tiny voice and an innocent look that made everyone in his neighborhood love him. Everything was going to as expected, there was enough to eat, and their life was a life to envy, until one day when the boy went out to play with some of his friends in the neighborhood and something happened.

Henry went to his neighbor’s house to meet his friend, cara who loves eating candy and likes to listen to fairytales. They became friends because they were the same age and the only children living close to each other’s houses.

Cara’s family planted a willow tree at the back of their house which has grown into maturity.

Cara and henry made a Dare of who can climb to the top of the tree, they had this fantasy that they could see the whole world at the top of the tree, because the tree is the highest of all the tree in their community.

Henry was a good climber, he has a sure footing and long legs for someone that is just twelve years old.

He was faster than Cara to get to the top of the tree, walking steadily from one branch to another as he pulls himself up from one position to another, going higher and higher until he finally reached the top.

He could hear Cara grumbling from below, murmuring about how she will one day grow tall and beat him to the top.
He look to the east, tethering, as the force of the wind threatens to disentangle him from the branch he was holding onto.
He was startled from staring at the beautiful structures that looks like tiny dots in the distance by a shrill scream. He was so startled by the scream, being entranced by the lofty view that he didn’t the know the moment he released his hold on the branch and fall did he to the hard ground.

The endless scream of cara is what alerted the members of the neighborhood to the fact that something was very wrong and some did left their houses to check what was wrong, including henry’s and cara’s parents.

He was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed to have three broken ribs, a sleep-induced concussion and a deep cut on his leg which led to blood loss, it seems he hit his leg on a sharp rock on his impact with the hard ground. Nobody knew till this day the cause of Cara's scream that caused the fall of Henry.

It was during the process of getting him a donor that it was discovered that both of his parents were not his biological parents. There seems to have been a mix up twelve years ago when henry was born. A mistake that happened during one rowdy and Halloween night when the ill, sick and needy could not find enough hands to care for them.

This revelation did not diminish their love for him. His parents loved him, so did his friends and family and two months later, when henry woke up back in a different day and time, he was loved the more for who he is and the love they have for him.

This brings me to a realization; family is not all about biology, it is about the commitment, the love and the faith and trust. Every family has challenges, but what keeps us together is the understanding we have for each other and the other things we do that binds us together.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.