There are times in our life when some of the things we make use of gets old and outdated. There are times in our life when the old things we use will need to be replaced by the new ones.

That is life. Everything has an expiry date. It may not be written on it, it may not be printed on it or added in the form of a tag, but everything that has a beginning will surely have an end.

I was checking my bag this afternoon. I was rifling through the content of the bag. I saw my diary, my book of rhymes and my jotter and with it some other pieces of paper. The diary, book of rhymes and jotter are part of who I am, but after reading what is on the pieces of paper, I noticed that the information upon them were useless. Once upon a time, the information on the papers were useful, they were needed at that moment, but as time goes on they became old news.

After reading through them, I folded everything together and prepared to throw them in the waste bin. They have served their purposes, so I threw them away to make way for other materials that will be of use to my present situation.

This is an illustration about the world we live in. I can liken all of us to a book that will never be truly filled. We are like a book that will continue to be filled with information. As time slowly pass us by, we learn from those things that surrounds us, we will glean truths and lies from those things that surrounds us, we learn from the book-like life of those that surrounds us and at a point in life, we will transcend that level of information, we grow and learn to live with some of those things and discard the rest. It is part of maturity.

Throwing away the papers and the information it contains does not make me callous or wasteful. It does not mean I don’t know the worth of the information written on the pages. It does not mean I don’t value the effort spent to make the information worthwhile.

It means I understand its purpose, the time it was needed and the place it stands in my new pinnacle of growth.

We grow each day, but not everything that surrounds us will undergo the process of growth.

We make new acquaintance every day, but not everyone that surrounds us will move forward with us.

We learn every day, but not everything around us is ready to adapt to the change that heralds a new development in the world.

What message does this pass across? The same way I folded the papers and discard them to make way for new things in my bag, so must you also be ready to make way for the new things in your life.

There is nothing in life that is easy to accomplish. No matter how bad a situation might be, it is not easy to leave one’s comfort zone for the unseen hope of a better position, but the first step in the right direction is to prepare one’s heart for the arrival of those new things.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.