When a man has drank from the well of true love, he becomes addicted to it, but the beauty of true love is that it nourishes the body.

You have made it difficult for me to read a book in peace, in the solitude of my quiet place. When you are not here, I just stare at the words on a page, until my mind wanders off, with your thoughts on my mind.

Instead of reading, I sit there and review the hours of day we spent together. I review the seconds, minutes and hours we spent together. I review the moments of unease, of acceptance, of joy, of laughter, of sorrow, of pain and happiness and wonder if they are moments I will like to relive and the answer is yes, because you always make my day shine after the quiet hours of darkness.

I thought I understand the world, the love and hate that works in tandem, the hope and expectation of the belly that has become the fuel that makes our body rise and work every day, but I was mistaken. Since your unplanned arrival into my life, you have made my life mysterious from my vantage point.

I look at the world through the telescope from the north, south, west and east and your presence makes it more inviting to my eyes. I map out the world with my golden compass and your presence at my side makes it look more appealing with some unknown qualities and I know without an iota of doubt, you have made my view of the world mysterious again. I would like to tour every part of the world with you.

As strange, sweet, mysterious and wonderful as it has been with you, I want it to continue, I want to drink it in as a man drink and guzzle down a bowl of pap. I want to know every secrets you hold and reduce the tension that exist between us, I want to study it all as a man study every inch of his own latest invention. Truth be told, I want all your mysteries and tantalizing secrets. I want to know every things that has made a home in that divine mind of yours and know that if you want the same, I will happily oblige.

There is an old saying? Like water to a drain, so are we drawn to each other. We are drawn to each other as sand is drawn to the earth. We are drawn to each other as water is drawn to the sea. We are drawn to each other as food is drawn to the belly. We are drawn to each other as air is drawn to the nostril. We are drawn to each other as blood is drawn to the vein. We are drawn to each other as a pen is drawn to a paper. We are drawn to each other as clothing is drawn to the body.

Let me be the Adonis to your Aphrodite that fell in love with you at first sight. Let me the Prince charming to your Snow white that our love may bloom in the face of danger, strife and those that seek our harm. Let me be the Romeo to your Juliet that our plight will not hinder our feelings for one another. Let me be the Abelard to your Heloise that death in all his gory glory would not be able to keep our tale of love unsung. For I am yours and you are mine.

You smoothen the wrinkles of my youthful face with your warm breath on my cheeks. You mend the holes of my heart and makes me see life anew. When I see you, whatever worries me, I forget and for this, I don’t want to walk the wonders of the world alone.

Fondly As Ever,
Your Darling Peace.