We are like sunburned meat
Left in the sun to dry.
We are like robbed fish
Left on the hook to die.

We have become the enemy
Described in all lovely stories.
We wear untruth and iniquity
With the air of a just jury.

We have become judges
Who is wise and pure.
We have become sure,
In the life we live.

We have become performers
Who makes earth his theater,
And every moment his scene
That oozes evil and peril.

We have embraced our past,
And the evil our leaders cast.
We have lost hope in the future,
And the sweet promise of a cure.

We now look down at our feet,
And ignore the voice of reason.
We cock our ear to the raven's voice,
But ignore the pitch of the dove's noise.

When we see blood, our heart quicken.
When there is chaos, we are giddy.
We are becoming creatures of death
Whose hearts are as black as the night.

We now bear the scars of life,
It makes us see wrong as right.
We now have shadows under our eyes,
It gives us a dark, but pleasing sight.

©Okunola Peace