I have always been a lover of mathematics. It was a subject that I could understand and figure my way through. When I was in primary school, though the memory of that time feels distant and surreal, what I can remember clearly is that adding and subtracting figures from each other was a piece of cake for me.

 I love mathematics than the other subjects we are always instructed to learn. The other subjects requires reading, listening and understanding, but mathematics just seems simple and straightforward to me.

Then, I have not developed the skill for reading, I could barely read and my pronounce my own surname properly.
When I was in primary school, I come first in mathematics at the end of the terms. I could solve problems of division, multiplication, subtraction and addition. But after graduating my elementary classes and I was promoted to junior secondary school, I started having difficulty in mathematics. It was not as simple as I thought. I will go home and spend hours pondering on a problem. I was fortunate to have little to nothing to do as chores and this is because I have younger siblings to do most of the works.

I realize that it took longer to find an answer to a solution. Sometimes, I will solve a problem more than once before I realize my mistake and correct it. It was frustrating at times how eluding the answer seems, how close I am to solving a problem and I tried not to give up.
What always give me hope then was that when I drop my book of assignment in my father’s lap and he picked it up, he will just say “this is simple, this is how to solve it” and I will watch how he expertly solve the problems, deftly scrawling lines and shapes to give a whole new picture and before i know it, he has moved from one formula to another, making the enormity of the problem look smaller and smaller until there is a final answer. I have never told him, but I was in awe of his knowledge in mathematics.

So, I take my time to learn from those that are better than me in something and put the knowledge in good use. What about you, do you learn from those that are evidently better than you in something? It might one day come in handy.

Since then, my love for mathematics has never wane.

As I climb the pinnacle of knowledge. Do you know what I do?
I do my best to learn. I have come to the realization that learning is a daily process, we will never stop learning, so I do my best to study my environment and those that surrounds me and learn from them. Pick whatever skill you can wherever it is possible, there is no benefit in being ignorant of something.

We are all a cog in the wheel of the world, there will be difficulties, there will be an obstacle in front of us at times, it will look like a mountain, if you cannot bypass it, solve its riddle and if that is not possible, try to move it and if moving it is not possible, take up your tools and start chipping it off, one day you will cut a path through it and it will be like it was never there.

There is no one that does not have a bad moments, it is part of what makes us who we are. There is no one that does not stumble, the only thing is we must do is rise up again and take another step, it is part of the trials of life.

Always learn from your mistakes, take heart in your trials, be determined to see a better day, surround yourself with those that makes you feel at home and you will be surprised to see the light at the end of the road.

In God’s Love,
©Okunola Peace.