He has the power to deliver us all,
From the powers that makes us fall.
When we look around and all we see,
Is a future, where all is dark and bleak.

He is our haven and dearest home,
For he has given us his divine spirit,
To guide us through the raging storm,
And light our path when the road is dim.

He shall guide us through famine and strife,
And hold our hands through the raging sea.
To a place, where we shall live in his glory,
And enjoy the true riches of life.

He shall create a path in time of bitterness,
To a land of joy, abundance and peace.
And when we fall in our sinful ways,
He shall bring us back to the way.

When we think there is no path ahead,
He shall create a way for us to tread,
To a place where the lord humbly abides;
A secret place for the belly and mind.

When we obey his Word in this world,
And walk in his sweet and righteous path,
We shall always see his marvelous light,
That is good and wonderful to behold.

©Okunola Peace.
September, 2019.