As human beings, we value freedom. We have the freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of liberty and many more. We have freedom because it comes with all the goodness of life and the ability for one to express oneself without rebuke.

All the freedom of right respectively found in our First Amendment are wonderful, but spiritual freedom is even better, because you will always find every other experience in it, no matter the type of government that rules your country in every time and seasons. You are truly free when you have the desire, the ability, the opportunity, and the grace to do what will leave you with no regrets forever. 
If you do not have the freeness of heart and the desire to do something and you do it, you are not totally free. And if you have the desire to do something and you do it, and it led to disaster, then you are still not free.

For example, say you want to experience the thrill of mountain-climbing, but on your way to the airport, you had an accident and couldn’t get there. You lack the freedom of opportunity. Or suppose you get there, and didn’t take the required class, so you don’t know the operation of the gears to climb the mountain. You lack the freedom of ability. Or suppose you took the required class, but on getting to the bottom of the mountain, you look up and you are paralyzed with fear, wondering if you could do it. You lack the freedom of desire. But let’s say, you got to the mountain region safely, you took the required class and you started climbing the mountain side, you are totally free when you have the freedom of grace. It is what will keep you save as you climb, preventing you from making a mistake and falling to your death.

 Knowledge to be known by freedom-like person:

1.       Not all that you can afford is good for you.
The world is a land of millions. A land of innovation of beautiful things that will be pleasant to the eye, but you must know your priority. It is your priority that will determine what is good for you at a particular place and time.

2.       Sometimes, it is better to unlearn wrong assumptions than to learn new ideas.
Yes! Many will not go far if their mindset and way of thinking is not changed. You need to broaden your way of thinking in this multi-faceted dimension, which means learning new ideas, but to do that, there are some base knowledge that must be unlearned. It will not be easy, it might look like your life is a mess during this process, but the end is joy and a grand result. 

3.       Staying real in life is essential because you can reach out to a larger audience positively.
Avoid presenting a personality that is different from who you are. People tend to trust those that are sincere and does not hide behind a false fa├žade. Only those that tells the truth in life will be fruitful and multiply and their end will be something to rejoice about. Every great, wise and intelligent person respect and trust a man or woman of integrity. Are you one?

4.       Attending to the most needful helps to reduce our expenditure.
We are a beautiful specie with many wants and desires. We need solutions to every problems in our life and to do this, we need to be meticulous, wise and patient. We need to learn to rationalize our desire and not the other way around. If you form the habit of buying everything that entice you, you will just become broke and penniless without achieving anything. Every currency you earn or are favored with has a purpose to achieve in life, not to be spent without thought on baseless things.

5.       A life that is not disciplined is not going anywhere.
Discipline means showing a controlled form of behavior. This requires a conscious effort from your side. You must learn to discipline every branch of who you are, your body, soul and Spirit. There must be a time to speak and a time to be quiet. You must learn to be respectful, humble and diligent. You must learn the time and seasons to do all things. Everything is not meant to be done at the same time.

6.       Learn to save and not spend all.
The mindset to live a life of saving is not restricted to a particular age or tribe. It is meant for everyone, in order to have something to fall upon in seasons of famine and tempest. You must not eat everything up and glory in the abundance that exist at a time, learn to save and prepare for the stormy days. The habit of saving is not easy, but you must discipline yourself to save, no matter how small or great you earn or are favored with.

7.       People pay for your value, not your beauty and color.
People will always pay for what you can offer them and what they benefit from you, not because of how handsome and beautiful you look to the eye. People must be able to place a value on something that exist in your life. Once you have recognize it, build it up and let it become a tree that bears fruits and multiply, both locally and abroad.

8.       Joyful giving ease timed-vision and leads to prosperity in life.
When you give, you receive and when you receive, you don’t receive in the same amount, value or quality. You receive more. When you give, you may receive in ways that are not evident to you, but never stop, for a joyful giver paves the way for prosperity in his/her life.

True Freedom comes from knowing Christ through genuine faith and abiding to his will and word. May we find freedom in Christ. Amen.

In God’s Love,
©Okunola Peace.