ELIM (Gods)
Exodus 15:27.

The lord delivered the children of Israel,
From the strong grip of slavery,
In the ancient land of Egypt,
That has been their dearest haven.

They traveled while the Spirit of God,
Ride on the wings of a murky cloud,
Through the land and through the sea,
To a land divine, called Elim.

Hunger and thirst did buffet them,
But the lord provided for them;
In the land of elim, found between Marah,
And the wilderness of sin, cruel and dark.

A land of seventy green palm trees,
Where the spirit of the lord abides.
A land of twelve springs of water,
That quenches the thirst of the Israelites.

A land of great sign and victory,
Where the Israelites drank to their fill.
A land of soft wind and peace,
Where the Israelites ate until they were full.

©Okunola Peace.