Until you are exposed to some certain dimensions of life, you will not fully comprehend God in that dimension”

God takes men and women from their homeland to other places in life in order to reveal himself to them in a way they might not have fully understand had it been they were in their place of birth.

When you are exposed to something, you become familiar with it. Your mind learns to grow and accept new possibilities that you were not aware of before. It is the condition of being familiar with a concept or idea.
Productivity comes with a changed mindset. You cannot be productive without having the mindset of productivity.

It is commonly said that you look like your parents in one way or the other, but let it be known that you also resemble your exposure. You resemble the environment that you dwell in and the people you surround yourself with. Nobody sees something new and remains the same, he will definitely have a question about something he saw that is above his knowledge. There and then, his mind begins to conceive new ideas and possibilities that were foreign to him before.

When you taste a new wine, you get tired of the old wine. You get tired of the taste and smell because you have found another flavor that is better than it. You get tired of the old wine or your old way of living and yearn for a better one. It creates dissatisfaction in your life. It creates a bad taste that you will want to get rid of from your mouth and this will change your plan and determination in life.

You cannot be productive until you see the advantage of the exposure in your life. We are an executor of our understanding. When you don’t know the value of something, its usefulness and how to put it to better use, you will never see the advantage of its presence in your priceless life.

But when you vividly see its advantages, you start to perceive the world in a new way, you find connection, hidden patterns seemingly out of unrelated situations. You start to see the meaning of the blueprints that was unreadable to you in moments past.

Anything can bless and serve as a fulcrum of greatness, it all depends on how it is served. It all depends on what it is needed at that time and place and the only thing that can give you an edge among your peers is to be exposed to the truths of life.

In God’s Love,
©Okunola Peace.