I was on my way to church this morning when I was riffling through my leather bag and saw four cubes of wrapped chocolate sweet left in one of the compartments in my bag and I was inspired to write this.

We all want good things in our life. We all want everything to be sweet and rosy. Won’t that be sweet? I wish it is, but life is not always sweet and pleasant. Don’t be ignorant, life is a building ground.

How many of us have been in a position where we have a little child crying by our side because he/she wants something and we just want the baby to be quiet and let us have peace of mind? I’m sure we have all been in this situation in one way or another, so, what do we do? 

Most times, we carry the baby and hug him/her to our chest, rocking the baby back and forth, until she shares from our reassuring presence and closeness and comes to a state of peace.

And when I thought about this, I liken it to the way the lord deals with us. 

We are all in one or the other at one point in our life like a small child desiring a thing from the lord, and seeking him for that thing. He is a benevolent God who will answer when we ask. It is good to ask from the lord, but is that our motive for serving him? Does that mean that if he refuses to answer us, we will stop serving him? We have to sit down and ask ourselves this question. We must serve him because we love him and wants to glorify his name. We must come to a place when we do not serve him for reward, but knowing it is an addendum when we diligently seek him.

One of the ways our prayer gets answered is through our fellowship with him. When we desire to know him more, he brings us closer to him that we may know him and comprehend him the more through the mysteries he reveals to us, and when we surrender to him, he corrects us and teaches us in a new dimension of his personality, bringing us closer to that point of understanding the totality of his wholesome presence.

And be reassured, when you diligently seek more of him, desiring to be an envoy of his presence in the position where he has placed you and will still place you. When he has searched and tried your heart and he finds it worthy and deserving of him, free from deceits and every corruptible things, he will honor his glory upon your life and bestow on you the sweet and true riches of his kingdom to live life for his glory.

In God’s love,
© Okunola Peace.