“The reason for which something is done or for which something exists”

This is a sweet and an important thing most people take lightly. They just want to enjoy the goodness of life and make money. They just want to be great and famous. They just want to live a life of ease, free from the worry that plagues mankind. They just want to marry and born babies.
Do you know there is a reason why you are either born black or white? Do you know there is a reason why you are born beautiful and handsome? Do you know there is a reason you are brilliant and of great intellect? Do you know there is a reason you were born in that town or city of yours? Do you know there is a reason you are tall and not short? There is a reason why you are short and not tall. Do you know there is a reason why you were born into that family? It is not a mistake. Do you know there is a reason why you were given all the part that forms your genesis as a man or woman? It is not to woe a woman or a woman.

God has an intent when he created every individual that has been born into the earth, is just coming into the world and is still growing in the belly of every beautiful woman. You just have to discover it and find it today.

There is nothing you wish to become that has not been achieved by someone else before, but your purpose will make whatever you set your hands upon to be distinct, different, and a thing to be valued as it grows and multiplies.

We are all wonderfully created, we are all gifted and every gift God has given you is for a specific purpose. What are you waiting for? Start the discovering process today!

Why is Purpose important?

i.              It gives you direction in life. When you have a purpose, when you have a goal, you will not be tossed to and fro like the branches of every tree. Your life will have meaning and you will able to direct your energy, time and resources into it.
ii.             You will not be deceived. When you know your purpose, you will not be swayed by everything that comes your way. You will know what you want and what you do not want, you will know the way to go and the way to desist from.
iii.            You discover opportunities. Purpose defines your life and helps you to see clearly the opportunities that surrounds you at every time and season.
iv.            You live a life free from poverty. Another word for poverty is ‘I Don’t Know You’. your life can only be a life of glory when is centered around the purpose of God for you.
v.             And finally, you have Better Results. You will have a legacy for the generation to come. You will not be a soul that walks the sand of earth and leaves without leaving a goodly landmark that others can see, learn and benefit from.

How to Discover Purpose?
i.                     Dig into the Word of God. It is the spirit of God in written form. It is the truth that reveals the mysteries of the world to you.

ii.                   Ask God in prayer! God is interested in every area of your life, no matter how tiny it might seem to you.

And when your eyes are fixed on his purpose for your life, do not worry, for the glory of the latter shall be greater than that of today.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.