”Above all else, guard your heart with all vigilance, for everything you do flows from it (Proverb 4:23).”

The heart is the core of every being. The central organ through which other system finds functionality. It represents the center of a man’s physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and moral activities. It is the organ that moves the other part of the body.

Who desires to see God? You can only see God when you are pure of heart and what brings about the pureness of a man’s heart? The Spirit of God. Purification of the heart comes by faith in God and in his ways of righteousness. The spirit of God in our heart is what makes us pure.

The heart is the part of man that defines his abundance. A man’s heart is drawn to where his treasure is, if your heart is in God, there will your heart be drawn to and if your heart is drawn to carnal things, there will your heart be also, forgetting about everything else, which can only happen when you put your own personal business before the business of God’s kingdom.

You will know what treasure fills your heart by what proceeds out of your mouth. It is the things that proceeds out of the mouth of a man that defiles him, not his mouth. Do you know that every man and woman has secret? Yes, we all do. And the secret of the heart is betrayed by the words that comes out of the mouth.

The heart is a soil upon which what you receive can grow and germinate. It is the spirit of God that makes the land of your heart fertile and good to bear fruit. Guard it because the devil will not want good things to grow in your heart. The devil will always try to mislead and influence you because understanding comes from the heart.

A stony heart will not understand the word of the kingdom, only a broken or receiving heart can comprehend the mysteries that are hidden in the Word of God. The glory of God can only be seen and understood by a receiving heart. Do not shun an inquisitive heart, for only through this can he find his way to light. Luke 8:12 says “ The devil works upon the mind of a man, filling the heart with an abundance of carnal things to turn his eyes from the beckoning light, block his ears to the word of God and prevent him from being saved”.

As the eyes were meant to see and the ears to hear; as the mouth is meant to speak, so is the heart meant to reason, to understand, to discern and to give insight.
Guard your heart, because it is the source of joy. The emotional state of the heart will always affect every other activities of a man. Proverb 15:13 says “A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken”.

Forgiveness comes from the heart, so does repentance and salvation. The spirit of love and the capacity to love comes from the heart, the mind cannot describe it. Doubt originates in the heart, so does the capacity to reason and have faith. Purpose and determination also comes from the heart. We must be willing to follow Christ in all ramifications and he will give us the strength to diligently seek and follow him. Decisions are made in the heart. Sorrow comes from the heart, so does Joy and happiness.

Just as God can fill your heart, so can the devil too. Who will you surrender you heart too? The medium to your core and every being.

What does your heart say?
“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart (1 Sam 16:7).

We now know that nothing comes out of a man without originating from the heart. So, what does your heart project to the world? Does it project the love of God and the fruit of a man or woman born again in Christ to the world and those that surrounds you? For only then do you become a witness for Christ and your life becomes a blessing to the world. They see the light in you and are drawn to its brilliance.

Does the abundance of your heart align with the will and purpose of God? Search your heart and be sure that you may receive the reward of a diligent man that used his talents for God.
The personality of our heart, which is the spirit, soul and body, needs to be educated by filling it with the Word of God. Loving God with all your heart is more than emotion, but a conscious commitment. When you speak to a man about making a decision, you are speaking to the man’s heart, the nature of his heart is what determines whether he receives it or not.

The heart of every man has an eye in the spiritual realm and it can only be blinded through ignorance, so be vigilant and guard your heart and who can help you to guard your heart? The Spirit of God.
The word of God grows and germinate in the heart of every believing man, but it comes with patience. Will you be patient with God? I know you will.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.