The entrance of thy words gives light; it gives understanding unto the simple. Psalms 119:130

It is a source of illumination. It stimulates sight and makes things visible. Light is the phenomenon through which a man gain the ability to see far and wide and to see things clearly. A man without light will be blind naturally and blind to the obstacles that surrounds him and may make him fall.

God wants us to have light, then to become a light. Light symbolizes supernatural insight into the scripture. The scripture is God’s mind in written form and taking our time to know him is what brings his divine light into our life. The greater your light, the greater you are able to walk in the fullness of the mysteries of God. The greater your light, the clarity you gain to see your path, grow more and make the right decisions.

When a man wakes up in the morning, what guides him in the way he should tread on that priceless day? The light that can only be found in God.

Light connotes understanding and comprehension. We need to know the principle that guides and engages every situation that we face in our life. It is the Spirit of God that gives us understanding, he sheds more light on the true meaning of the Word. When you are spiritually intelligent, you will know the spiritual principle to engage when you are going through some thing, not just calling the blood of Jesus or resting your head on the bible.

Light brings direction. It brings clarity and an end to confusion. It was this light that the three wise men followed to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. They followed the light and never lost their way.  It brings direction to your life, activity, work, family, finance and spiritual life. It gives you dominion over unbelievable dimensions of the Kingdom of God. It was the light that came in the form of cloud in the day and a fiery fire in the night that guided the Israelite through their journey from their place of bondage, Egypt.

Light connotes manifestation. It brings results. When you have the light of God, he will turn your water into wine. He will bless you with the riches of his kingdom. You will be safe from the oppression of the enemy and have peace of mind.

To become a light, is to become a reference and a representation of a Christian. Become a portrait of a balanced Christian, whose well of light is sufficient enough for himself and everyone that surrounds him/her. You become a light when every strata of your life is balanced with the love, understanding and manifestation of every of the glory of God.

When you become a light, you gain dominion over the power and principalities of darkness, spiritually and physically. It is when you have the light of God that the devil is under your feet. For without light, there is no dominion. It will grant you the access to rule in the day and in the night.

We all must learn to seek for accurate insight in the Word of God, because what we might be holding onto might be darkness and you are expecting it to give light, which is impossible. The definition of right or wrong  of a man is by his understanding of whether the act, situation or way of life is right or wrong. So, search your ways, test your act on the furnace of truth that you may learn and walk the right path.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.