He light the candle of his beating heart
To sing the songs his lips cannot sing
When the night is sacred and murky mild
To dream about the desire he wholly sought;
A dream of greatness and rising star.

If life is as sweet as milk and honey,
Then the sweetness is what his mouth seek for.
If the water that gushes out of the spring
Is as clear as the dew that falls from above,
Then the coolness is what his throat seek for.

The life of greatness is what he thirsts for
As a child pants for the growth of an adult.
The life of fame do he yearns for
To gain the wealth of the whole world,
And enjoy the pleasure life has to offer.

He cares not for the path that he has to cross,
Nor the valley he has to patiently transverse,
For all he sees is the wealth in the distance
That beckons for him with open arms,
And a smile of loving pride and honor.

©Okunola Peace.