A wrinkle is a fold, ridge or crease in a once smooth skin. Wrinkle depicts longevity in the life of an individual, but we see that this is a factor that most adults refuse to acknowledge, especially in this century. We see a world where adults are ashamed of their wrinkles, they fill up their faces with makeups of different colors and tones. They want to forever remain a youth, refusing the mantle of adultism for the false sense of youthfulness.

Who said wrinkles or creases are not beautiful? If you have been told so, then know today that it is a lie.

Age wrinkling in the skin is encouraged by habitual facial expressions, aging, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, and various other factors. Yeah! We live in a world where most individuals carry their pain on their face like a cross. They want the world to notice their pain and be cautious. This is a bad way to live. Why don’t you embrace the joy of the heart? Why don’t you live a life which in spite of your circumstances, you are a light that brings joy to the heart of men.

Individuals who embrace this habitual facial expression tends to age quickly, so you will see a youth looking like an old person who has nursed children up to maturity.

Do you know that smoking causes age wrinkling in a man or woman? Yes, it does! So does starving yourself of drinkable water or by staying in the sun for a long time every priceless day.

Untold amounts of money is spent on makeups daily, weekly and annually. The U.S. Company Skin Store found that on average, women will spend approximately $300,000 on makeup in their life time.

Adults are obsessed with the days of their youth, refusing to outgrow it and embrace the age in which they live in.

A wise man once said that “Embrace your scars and wrinkles O you aged souls, for it is a sweet badge of honor that speaks of your failures and success on earth” And I believe that what he says is true, don’t you too?

And if that is so, Let your skin age gradually, that your heart may become merrier and that your burden may become as light as a feather. May the good Lord be your strength.

In God’s Love,

© Okunola Peace.