An eagle is a living symbol of power, freedom and transcendence. One of the largest and most powerful birds of prey, an apex predator in the bird world. They have beaks for ripping flesh from their prey and are strong with muscular legs and powerful talons.

Are you a symbol of power where you have found yourself? Or you are always running around and away from situation? You can only be a man of dominion when you know yourself, the tools you possess in your bodily arsenal and how to use them to engage your situation and the situation of those around you. When you do this, you become better, stronger and more adept at discerning your environment and who can help you realize this amazing tools you carry within you? The Holy Spirit. A man that does not know how to use his tools is nothing but a powerless man.

An eagle is a symbol of greatness. They soar up to unbelievable heights. They build their nests in tall trees or high cliffs. They fly fast and high with the strength in their wings, killing animals eight to ten times their size. They can ride the current of wind, gliding along with very little effort. They have gain mastery in precise and clever flying through open habitats, woodlands and forests.

An eagle aims high, so should you. No one should have a vision of him or her being at the grass level. There is always a start point, but look up to the sky and have the strong conviction that even the sky is not your limit. They build their nest in high trees so that they can see the topography of their environment clearly and know when a prey or a predator is not far away. Are you also aware of your environment?

They can ride the current of wind, gliding along with very little effort. Be humble enough to glide along the current the Holy Spirit leads you, he knows the way more than you and can guide you effortlessly to the destination you see in the distance.

An eagle has the power of foresight. It is a bird of vision. You should be a man of vision, only men of vision are not moved when they fall, but rises again, when they know what awaits them in the future. They have a visual acuity that is three to four times better than that of humans, which enables them to spot potential prey from a very long distance.  Proverb 1:17 confirmed this when it says “Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird”. And this is true, how can you catch a bird that has the superior eyesight to see all your preparation of putting it in bondage from afar? It is impossible. Therefore, starting from this moment, desire the superior intelligence that can only be found in Christ.

An eagle is a living symbol of courage. They have a level of confidence that is unmatched by other birds of prey; they do not glance over their shoulder before diving for their prey as other birds of prey do, because they know nothing is daft enough to consider the idea of having them as meal. They are a risk taker, what about you? Do you cower from challenges or face it like a man that knows that challenges are ladders to higher levels in life.  

An eagle is a patient creature. They can stay in a place for a long time, but will move if the food level and temperature becomes inhospitable in winter. They know the time to rest and conserve their strength. Therefore, let us learn to be patient when God is taking us through a process, it is for His Glory and for the greater heights he is taking us to. He will never put us in a position we are not ready for or that will bring shame to his name, so he builds us up.

An eagle is a creature of habit. They will return to the same nest every year, repairing and adding to it and because of this consistency in nurturing their home, it tends to become quite enormous.
Yeah! I want to leave us with this. We must be a creature of habit. We must continually fellowship with our maker that we may know him more by fasting, praying and studying of the Word for His glory in our life. That  is why Isaiah 40 : 30 – 31 says “Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint”.

May we remain blessed.

In God’s Love,
©Okunola Peace.