See the waves of death
Bow before your feet of light.
See the sorrows of life
Fall before the joy of your truth.

See the earth trembling,
See the heaven shaking,
As the foundation of the world
Listen to the words of your mouth.

You are purer than earthen light,
Beautiful than many lovely stones.
You are a rock seated at high places;
A being who teaches my hands to war.

I can see your divine nostrils
That releases incense of spiritual smoke.
I can see your fiery mouth of light
That releases words of fire.

O! Sovereign in the third heaven,
Riding on the beautiful cherub;
Riding on the wings of the sky,
Through which we see your brightness.

You made the channels of the sea
Through which the thick waters are seen.
You set the foundation of the world
Through which the worldly corners are beholden.

My eyes wait on you in all seasons.
My knees are bent and my hands are spread.
And by the mercy found only in your gaze,
My store brings forth thousands.

When I am frail and weak,
You graciously send forth your healing.
You fill my heart with joy and peace,
When the fear of tomorrow troubles me.

My praise shall forever be yours,
While I still dwell on the earth,
And when my silvery spirit ascend
To the heavens that dwells within you.

©Okunola Peace.