I was born in a land that is bereft of law;
It was dark and simple, but full of flaws
That men wrought with the flawless creativity
That was sourced from a land beyond man's sight.

I grew up in the absence of divine light,
And held onto darkness, thinking it was light.
I was a slave to the mundane knowledge of life,
Ignorant of my ways and the time that runs by.

I was a sheep that ate the food of a sheep.
I was a man that followed the ways of the simple.
I was a child who dreamed the dreams of the mighty,
Hoping that one day, it will become my reality.

I looked to the sky and it was full of despair,
I looked beyond my small sphere of domain,
And all I saw were lofty hills and mountains
Only a god can climb and not despair.

But one day, I found Him when I was not looking
In the solid world he created from nothing.
Aye! I found God and I marvel at his glory
That is seen in everything; above and below.

©Okunola Peace.