You came with the winds of the desert
To blow over our roofs and hairy heads.
You came like an unveiled thief,
To catch us unaware, as we live and breath.

You came and stole our warmth,
Freezing us like an evening's dinner.
For the mornings are cold and the nights are colder.
And the wintry air is as pale as a ghost.

The sun that dwells on the throne of heaven
Refuses to give us heat and light.
So, the fog billows in her garment of white,
And we feel the brunt of your cold embrace.

And as the wintry air rounds our path,
Our lips turns white and blue.
And as sleep becomes our dearest solace,
Our face turns a shade of white.

Nature whispers with a voice of thirst
As the paths and roads cry of dust.
The leaves loses their hues of green
As the spirit of cold provokes our noses.

The black wind of earth blows wildly,
And we hide from your hands of cold.
We find haven in a place of shelter
Until your cold fingers are no more seen.

©Okunola Peace.