It is a New Year and the beginning of another cycle for everything on earth. It is a time when your bag is full of different things, some you will need to dispose of while you retain the rest. It is a time to be joyful for worry solves nothing.  

It is a time to remember our past lives, successes, failures and mistakes. It is a time to remember the situation that has brought us to our present situation. It is a time to repent from the addictive habits, the same unproductive methods and procrastination. And before we start making grand plans for the new season, let us renew our commitments to our God, family and friends, for the most vital work we do is not what the world is a witness to, but to what we do indoor with our friends, family and Maker.

We often start the New Year with a new mindset. It is very good to do so, to learn from the past and correct one’s mistakes in the future, but don’t forget that discipline is a product of adherence to goodly and just principle. You can’t be a true child of God if you have not made the commitment to adhere to his ways, laws, principles and divine will.

Aye! A New Year is a time of rest. It is a common mindset that after the celebration of New Year, start working and hustling for money, but it is wrong. When you decide to physically rest, it does not show a sign of weakness, rather it shows that you have the assurance that when you close your eyes, your future and prosperity lies in the strong arms of the Maker. Excess physical rest is what we should avoid and discipline ourselves from condoning.

So, ask yourself these questions:

What did you accomplish? Be conscious of everything you have garnered in the past years.
What goals did you miss? Acknowledge to yourselves the goals that are still writings on a piece of paper.
How would you like to change?  Make a detail plan on how to make your goals a physical manifestation. It is not necessary for it to be grand and spectacular.

But friends, I will be biased if I don’t tell you all the details that will make your new season a year of fruitfulness and multiplication. To enjoy the season, you have to:

Know God experimentally.
Learn to devour His Word for Light and Understanding.
Open your heart and mind to the truth.
Guard your heart from darkness and deny yourself.
Make new friends, not for gain but for the purpose of growth.
Learn to earnestly pray.
Listen to the Spirit of God within you and
Enjoy the journey by being hardworking and not losing your joy.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.


  1. We can't ignore the past mistakes so it won't happen again...
    Thanks bro

    1. Indeed.
      The past teaches us about being better in the future.