It is a solemn promise we make to do something. Inner vows are powerful and binding. We make them most times without realizing it. We commit ourselves to it most times in ignorance, which is never an excuse. Are you a person of happiness, deriving joy from everything? I am sure you are, but do you know that inner vows can deprive you of this amazing feelings?

We live in a beautiful world, do you know that? When we were growing up, we were individually raised by different parents with different mindset and beliefs in different environments. Do you remember that there are some people you don’t relate with, possibly because you have made up your mind that because they speak a different language, dress differently, are clothed in a different skin color, look at you somehow, offended you, refused to share something with you and because of all this, you will not relate or greet them again. Do you know you just made an inner vow? And because of this, we don’t greet our neighbor again, we don’t purchase goods from a particular contractor, we don’t call them again, we delete their numbers, we ignore their messages and learn to wrinkle our well-shaped noses at everything we distaste.

I wonder how many of us have made statements like: I will never be like my father or mother because they are a failure. I will never get married because of my experience at a tender age. I don’t care what I have to do, but I must become rich. I will never talk to him/her again. I will never introduce my fiancĂ© or fiancĂ©e to my parents. I will never be cheated again. I will never cry. I will never visit them at home again. I will never eat their food again. I am my own master, no one will control me. I must marry a rich girl or a wealthy man. Hmm, what I will do is inside me. I will not go to that church again. I will never trust anyone again. I will never render help again. I will rather die than do this or that.

If you have not realized yet, inner vows are very dangerous because they are laws we use to constrain ourselves, we place them forcibly over ourselves and what we fail to realize is that it becomes a chain that holds us captive. For instance, look back to that time in which you made one of the above vows, you will realize that the joy that was present before has now become absent.

Inner vows are filled with hate, so you need to abstain from it, but the question on your mind is: how do you and I abstain from inner vows? Right? The answer is simple: By knowing God and submitting to his Holy Spirit. When you submit to the Spirit of God, he becomes the channel through which you gain the capacity to forgive and break the hold of inner vows on your life. He reminds you of the inner vows you made in years past that has been preventing the manifestation of God in your life, because when you make inner vows, it takes the position of God and God will never consider being second in any man’s life.

May your eyes be open and receive understanding today by God’s most wonderful grace.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.