I see a light, glowing in the future,
And I see it shine bright and brighter,
And the more I look, the longer and farther
It becomes, but I know I will get there.

I walk away from the burden of the past,
And leave the comfort and solace of home,
As I boldly walk the path of process alone
Until I reach the end of the road at last.

I am never going back to my past
That held me down in a deep, dark den,
That caged me in an unfruitful garden,
That is bereft of yield and harvest.

I have asked for light from the Spirit,
And I now see the plan of the divine for me.
So, I will brave the storms in all seasons
That I may forever live a life of blessing.

Can you see it? The big mountain slide
That blocks my way to the other side,
But with my renewed mind and spirit,
I shall create my path or climb over it.

And to reach the bright light I see,
I will never forget my past of peril,
And the relevance I want to wholly bring
That the whole world may sing a new song.

©Okunola Peace.